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The Swiss Butler Service offers extensive training for teams who serve the most demanding principals.


Our butler- and household management trainings always take place directly at the workplace and thus the daily processes can be trained to perfection.


This results in significant added value for principals and employees alike.

On the Job

Both employers and employees appreciate our on-the-job training, as it offers numerous advantages over training at a butler school.

• The employees remain on site and can be involved in the operational processes if required. A significant advantage, especially for small and medium-sized households.

• The work processes can be evaluated directly and objectively for possible improvements and adjusted immediately. This has a motivating effect on everyone involved.

• Additional costs for travel, accommodation and a deputy of the employee can be saved and invested directly in the training.

• On-the-job training is more flexible as it is not tied to a the schedule of a butler school.

«Professionally trained employees are the key element for smoothly functioning private households. With our on-the-job program, training content can be applied directly in the daily work environment. A real added value.»

Stefan Schöning, Founder & Head Butler The Swiss Butler Service

Butler Profile

Training Modules

The Modern Butler

• Mindset of a butler

• Skills and know-how

• Characters and preferences of clients

• Influence of cultural characteristics

Butler Service

• International etiquette and protocol

• Fine dining

• Event organization

• Receiving guests

• Wardrobe management & shoe care

• Travel management and preparation

Household Management

• General administration

• Professional correspondence

• Leadership skills

• Budget management

• Safety & Security

• Handling of emergencies

• Wine cellar management

• Care of art and antiques


• Training for embassy teams

• Training for yacht crews

• Training for private jet crews

For whom?

Our butler training courses are ideal for domestic workers in upscale properties, embassy staff, yacht- and private jet crews, and teams in luxury hotels, chalets, as well as private clinics.

Since each of our training courses is tailored to the needs of clients, there is great added value for both employers and employees.

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