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  • Is butler service a relic of the past?
    We are convinced that butler service is not a relic of the past. The demand for modern butler service far exceeds the supply and many successful personalities appreciate and use the attentive service of a butler. Modern butler service uses the latest technology and thanks to a multi-faceted training, professional butlers can always adapt to the changing needs of clients.
  • What is the role of a modern butler?
    The modern butler is best described as the equivalent of the Swiss army knife. Professionally trained, modern butlers take on a wide variety of management tasks in luxury hotels and exclusive private households. Butlers are involved in a wide range of activities, from looking after discerning suite- and villa guests to the role of a household manager with personnel- and budget responsibility.
  • In which areas do butlers work?
    Professional butlers can be found in the following areas, for example: • In high-end private households • In embassies and government offices • In luxury hotels, villas and chalets • Onboard luxury yachts • In First Class on selected airlines
  • How many butlers are there worldwide?
    It is estimated that there are more than a million butlers worldwide, although the term «butler» is not protected and is therefore not only used by professionally trained butlers.
  • How do I find the «perfect» butler?
    Finding the perfect butler is not easy and requires a little patience. ​ Worldwide, the demand for professionally trained butlers has increased rapidly in recent years. ​ In addition to experience and professional skills, which the butler ideally has acquired at a renowned butler school, soft skills are a decisive selection criterion. ​ The butler has many points of contact with the client's private life, which is why a basis of trust and personal «chemistry» should be right. ​ The Swiss Butler Service, in partnership with leading agencies, can help you find the perfect butler for you. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.
  • What is the advantage of having a butler?
    A personal butler ensures that you can concentrate on the beautiful and important things in life. For example your family and your success. ​ The butler organizes your life discreetly in the background and ensures that everything runs smoothly. It relieves you of your daily obligations, gives you freedom and added value in life.
  • What tasks can my private butler take on?
    The tasks that your butler can take on are highly diverse. ​ • Personal assistance in everyday life • Takeover of your personal correspondence • Management of the household budget • Taking care of guests at your private household • Fine dining service • Support in the preparation and execution of events • Maintaining your wardrobe • Coordination of your other domestic staff • Coordination of your calendar • Chauffeur services • Maintenance of the wine cellar
  • How much does a butler cost me?
    There is a wide range in butler salaries depending on the job and the location. ​ In Switzerland, a realistic salary for a butler in a luxury hotel is CHF 72k p.a., while an experienced and professionally trained butler in a private household earns around CHF 120k p.a. ​ In certain constellations, e.g. in the service of exceptionally exposed clients, salaries of up to CHF 200k p.a. are realistic.
  • What needs to be considered?
    There are a few things to consider when hiring a butler on a permanent basis. In addition to the contract and a declaration of confidentiality, the locally applicable legal provisions for domestic staff must be consulted and any insurance and pension benefits taken out. It is best to get advice on this from an experienced agency for domestic staff. ​ Special emphasis should also be placed on comprehensive on-the-job training and regular feedback meetings. ​ The Swiss Butler Service will be happy to support you in your duties as a principal.
  • Can I rent a butler?
    Yes, it is possible to rent a professional butler for short and medium-term assignments. ​ The Swiss Butler Service offers you the option of booking a personal butler flexibly for individual days, weeks or even months.
  • Who rents a butler?
    Ladies and gentlemen with a sense for the finer things in life appreciate temporary butler service without having to make long-term commitments. ​ The butlers from The Swiss Butler Service are booked by, for example: ​ • Luxury hotels to look after suite- and villa guests • Embassies to look after state guests • discerning individuals
  • Butler on demand vs. hiring a butler. What is better?
    Depending on your preference, it may be better to hire a butler on a permanent basis or rent a butler on a temporary basis. ​ A combination can also add value. It is possible, for example, to have your full-time butler stand in for absences due to vacation or illness, or to have a temporary butler support him in the event of an increased workload. ​ Hiring a butler full-time is the long-term, cost-effective solution that comes with a responsibility as an employer. Vacation and sickness-related absences as well as investments in recruitment, training and further education are disadvantages and should be considered accordingly. ​ A temporary butler is a flexible short- and medium-term solution that is more expensive than a full-time butler for a period > 1 year.
  • What does The Swiss Butler Service offer me?
    The Swiss Butler Service offers you the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a professional, personal butler for a single day or week without having to make any long-term commitments.
  • Who is behind The Swiss Butler Service?
    The founder and head butler of The Swiss Butler Service is Stefan Schöning, a multifaceted entrepreneur and consultant in the luxury segment. ​ In addition to graduating with honors from the renowned «TIBA - The International Butler Academy» in the Netherlands, he was able to gain extensive experience in luxury hotels and exclusive private homes. ​ He will be happy to advise you personally on all questions relating to butler service in Switzerland and is available to you as a direct contact.
  • For how long can I rent a butler?
    With The Swiss Butler Service, you can rent your personal butler from as little as one day up to several weeks.
  • Where is The Swiss Butler Service available?
    Our professional and experienced butlers are available throughout Switzerland, Liechtenstein and selected international destinations. ​ The Swiss Butler Service in Switzerland and Liechtenstein • Andermatt • Ascona • Bad Ragaz • Basel • Bern • Davos • Geneva • Gstaad • Lausanne • Lugano • Lucerne • Montreux • Vaduz • Verbier • Vitznau • Zermatt • Zurich The Swiss Butler Service in Europe • Austria • Belgium • Denmark • France • Germany • Italy • Luxembourg • Monaco • Netherlands • Norway • Spain • Turkey • United Kingdom The Swiss Butler Service in Middle East and Africa • Bahrain • Morocco • Oman • Qatar • United Arab Emirates The Swiss Butler Service in Asia-Pacific • Australia • Hongkong • New Zealand • Singapur
  • For what occasions should I rent a butler?
    You can treat yourself to the luxury of a temporary personal butler on a wide variety of occasions. ​ Find inspiration here: • Butler service for events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos • Butler service for your wedding day • Butler service for your Swiss residence • Butler service for your holidays in Switzerland, e.g. your winter holidays in a chalet in Gstaad or St. Moritz • Butler service as a deputy for your own butler during holidays and illness ​ Of course, your temporary butler can also take on all the tasks of a full-time butler.
  • Can I rent multiple butlers at the same time?
    Yes, depending on availability, you are welcome to reserve several butlers at the same time, e.g. for events or looking after international delegations.
  • What kind of training do the butlers have?
    Our butlers have attended well-known butler schools and have gained extensive experience, e.g. in demanding private households, in luxury hotels or on yachts. ​ Our butlers are handpicked and know how to recognize their client's wishes before they are even expressed. ​ Our butlers are multilingual.
  • What uniform do the butlers wear?
    At The Swiss Butler Service you can choose which uniform the butler wears according to your preferences. ​ You have the choice between: ​ • Classic butler uniform / Stresemann suit With this elegant combination, your butler radiates classic elegance and makes a lasting impression, especially at events. White butler gloves complete the outfit. ​ • Dark business suit Your butler looks discreet and elegant in a dark business suit. ​ • Business Casual When traveling or on the yacht, your butler will be happy to impress you in a high-quality business casual outfit.
  • How much does it cost to rent a butler?
    Professional butlers are specialists, comparable to a lawyer or architect, and bring a high added value. ​ Depending on the task and the duration of the assignment, the cost of a professional butler is between CHF 750 and 1200 per day. ​ You can expect an excellently trained and experienced butler with the appropriate references. ​ Offers that are well below this daily rate should be treated with caution, as you will often find people who are inadequately trained and your expectations might not be met.
  • How can I book a butler?
    In three easy steps: Get in contact Send us your request via the contact form or by email to We will then provide you with a non-binding offer. Customize your experience Together we will discuss the details of your request by phone or email. Enjoy butler service Your butler will be at your disposal at the agreed time. You and your guests can sit back and enjoy attentive butler service.
  • Which payment methods are available?
    The Swiss Butler Service offers you various secure payment methods: ​ • Via credit card We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. ​ • By bank transfer ​ • By payment slip We are happy to provide Swiss clients with a payment slip that allows them to make the payment easily and securely.

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